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2023 Aug 14-18 Summer Camp - 5 days - Ages 4-7 - Junior Marine Engineering & Jr Scratch: Space pioneers


Morning Course:

Junior Marine Engineering: Bodacious Boats

What causes something to sink or float? How can Engineers help explore and protect the ocean below? These questions and more are all explored in Junior Marine. In this class, students explore the concepts of marine engineering and mechanics, harnessing the power of water, and discovering designs that help us make the impossible, possible.


Afternoon Course:

Junior Scratch Programming: Space Pioneers

Embark on fun journey to space with Scratch! Send an astronaut to the moon and defend your moon base from space rocks. Learn how to use Scratch to create and program sprites, backdrops and basic scripts. Create a new program each day, leave with evidence of your wild space adventure, and be inspired to explore the universe of programming as a Space Pioneer.


Time :      9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Location: Futian International School, 11675 SW Butner Rd. Portland, OR 97225 (Previously Named Amiguitos Preschool Westside)

Phone:    503-914-9995

Full Day Tuition:   $419


Full day students must bring a nuts-free lunch & snacks.  Half day students must bring a nut free snacks. (drinking water provided) 


If we would like to register for half day camp, please visit:

2023 Aug 14-18 - Ages 4-7 - Jr Marine Engineering & Jr Scratch: Space pioneers

  • Aug 14-18, 2023

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