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2023 Jul 17-21 Summer Camp - 5 days - Ages 4-7 - Junior Industrial Engineering & Engineering Electrified (NEW)


Morning Course:

Junior Industrial Engineering: Fun Factory

The Junior Industrial Engineering classes introduce our youngest engineers to fundamental concepts of simple machinery, cooperative building, and the assembly line process. Through open and focused exploration, students explore and construct simple machines and then use an assembly line process to produce a delicious treat!


Afternoon Course:

Engineering Electrified (NEW)

Get charged up For this exciting week oF electrical engineering! In this camp, you will explore a wide range oF Foundational concepts related to electricity, such as magnetism, static electricity, circuitry, and more. We will spark your imagination as you tackle electrifying, hands-on engineering challenges using our EFK Engineering Design Process. Explore, discover, illuminate!


Time :      9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Location: Futian International School, 11675 SW Butner Rd. Portland, OR 97225 (Previously Named Amiguitos Preschool Westside)

Phone:    503-914-9995

Full Day Tuition:   $419


Full day students must bring a nuts-free lunch & snacks.  Half day students must bring a nut free snacks. (drinking water provided) 


If we would like to register for half day camp, please visit:

2023 Jul 17-21- Ages 4-7-Jr Industrial Engineering & Engineering Electrified

  • Jul 17-21, 2023

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